The Story behind A Momentary Pause


Mashuda Khandokar, Founder of A Momentary Pause


Many moons ago, a friend asked me to design her a new phone case (she believed in my skills much longer before I did). I brainstormed for a while and with it being an item that is with us almost 24/7, I knew I wanted it to serve as a reminder for her at all times. Thus, the bestselling Sabr Definition piece was created and A Momentary Pause was born. 

Why ‘A Momentary Pause’? It captures the essence of what I’m here to do. I’ve always believed in the power of design. Good design can make change, it can contribute to good, it can stimulate thought and it can tell a story. With a focus on home-ware and accessories, my products are designed to allow you to pause and take a moment to reflect whilst living in this fast-paced world.

Most importantly, I hope to build a community here - sharing your reflections, creating designs meaningful to you and showcasing products that reflect your beautiful souls that will hold and have them.