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πŸ™ Embrace the Power of Dhikr, Draw Closer to Allah ο·» πŸ™

Keep your tongue moist and your heart full of Taqwah through Dua with our stickers designed to help deepen your connection with Allah ο·».

🌟 Why Choose Our Vinyl Stickers? 🌟

- 🎨 Stunning Designs - Carefully curated, each design resonates with the essence of faith and spirituality, making them perfect for any setting

- πŸ“ Perfect Sizes and Easy to remove (Rental friendly) -Β Our sticker collection includes 15 unique designs, most measuring a convenient 10x5cm. However, we've taken extra care with our "Dua for Travel" and "Dua for Istikhara," which are generously sized at 15x8cm for added impact

- πŸ–€ Exquisite Printing - choose between minimal black or add spark with rose gold

- βœ‚οΈ Handcrafted with Love -Β Each sticker is a labor of love, meticulously hand-cut and packed

Each pack includes 15 Daily Duas to Keep You Grounded:

- 🏑 Before Exiting the Home: A heartfelt reminder to seek blessings and protection as you leave your sanctuary.

- πŸšͺ Before Entering the Home: Welcome positivity and tranquility into your abode with this beautiful dua.

- 🚽 Before Entering the Toilet: Seek purity and mindfulness even in the most mundane moments of your day

- 🏞️ After Leaving the Toilet: Express gratitude and seek forgiveness after each visit

- πŸ‘— Putting on Clothes: An invocation to help you start your day with humility and modesty

- πŸͺž Looking in the Mirror: Reflect on your inner beauty and seek God's grace before facing the world

- 🌦️ Dua for Difficult Times: Find strength and solace in prayer when life's challenges weigh heavy on your heart

- πŸ€• Dua for Pain: Seek comfort and healing with this powerful supplication

- πŸŒ™ Dua Before Sleep: Let your dreams be guided by faith and tranquility

- β˜€οΈ Dua on Waking Up: Start your day with gratitude, positivity, and a heart full of faith

- 🍽️ Dua Before Eating: Bless your meals and nourish your soul with this heartfelt prayer

- 🍽️ Dua After Eating: Express gratitude for the sustenance you've received

- πŸ“š Dua for Study: Harness the power of prayer to enhance your learning journey

- ✈️ Dua for Travel: Seek God's protection and guidance as you embark on new adventures

-Β πŸ™ Dua for Seeking Guidance (Istikhaara): Make informed decisions with the divine wisdom of Istikhaara.

Elevate your everyday interactions. Elevate your faith. Experience the divine connection with the β€˜Supplication for the Soul’ vinyl sticker collection. πŸ›’ Shop now and let the blessings flow into your life! πŸ›’


Note: stickers in photographs are not accurate to size and not all are shown - size is as description above and design is consistent throughout stickeres


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Easy to apply, stylish & Islamic: the perfect house-warming gift!

I absolutely love these dua stickers and highly recommend for others to buy them! I have bought these dua stickers for myself, for family and even friends as it makes for a thoughtful house-warming gift. These dua stickers are so easy to apply, beautifully-designed and effectively encourages customers to engage in daily dhikr & dua. So may Allah reward & bless Mashuda for selling these stickers!