Why I started 'A Momentary Pause'

So I guess I've never written anything particularly personal for my website and this blog space has always existed with no entries whatsoever, so let's start here, shall we?

My name is Mashuda, I currently work as junior doctor in the Midlands, I am female, I am Bengali and I am Muslim. 

Some years ago, I fell upon design. I had taken interest in it at school but then as most people do, I decided to take up an academic degree and trained as a medical doctor. In between the beginning of my design journey and now, I started A Momentary Pause. A friend had asked me to design her a phone case.  She told me she wanted it to relate to the word 'sabr' and ten definitions later, I had created her phone case and a whole collection. The collection is dear to me because I had wrote those meanings on the basis of what they meant to me and what they may mean to others.

My intentions behind design are two: create for change and create to evoke...a momentary pause - excuse the pun. Islam (my faith) is a big factor in my life and plays a big part in the designs I create and emotion also plays a part. Therefore my ultimate aim with A Momentary Pause is to create designs on products that allow a moment of thoughtfulness towards Allah (God). 

The journey hasn't been smooth and trying to manage a day job with a creative endeavour is a lot more difficult than it looks! I genuinely salute those that manage it. And although I have occasionally lost confidence, I don't feel like giving up yet, I want to continue to grow in the world of design, particularly as a Muslim woman.

I hope the pieces I create for A Momentary Pause bring beauty and thought to your homes and lives, I hope this post helped you learn a little about the person behind this small business and I hope I can keep creating curated design pieces for you.

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