Sacred narratives: designing the art of spiritual storytelling

Sacred narratives: designing the art of spiritual storytelling

In a world full of beauty and complexity, many of us are often searching for some kind of solace. As a Muslim, I find that peace with God. So naturally, as a designer, the pieces I create often serve as touchpoints that connect me to Allah. And the reason I share those designs is because I know I'm not alone in this. I know we are all searching for contentment and ultimately we know that contentment is found in Taqwa.

Taqwa, is a concept deeply rooted in Islamic teachings, referring to the state of God-consciousness and awareness that permeates every aspect of a believer's life. Therefore I truly believe what we surround ourselves with whether it be family, friends or products that you buy can serve as a tool in the path to attaining taqwa. 


A Momentary Pause doesn't just exist to sell products. I often design these pieces with a mindful intention to support us in cultivating and enhancing our journey to God-consciousness. Whether it's a mug, a print, a tote bag - each item has been created with the intention to inspire and facilitate moments of spiritual reflection, tranquillity and remembrance. By surrounding ourselves with these purposeful designs, we are reminded of our ultimate purpose.

Above all, I want to share our moments and stories.  Moments and stories where we have embraced the simplicities and complexities of life and created meaningful connections with Allah. Through the written word, I want to ignite a sense of connection within our community by sharing our spiritual journeys and reflections. Through this, we can not only strengthen our own taqwa but also create a ripple effect that touches the hearts and minds of others. 

As we embark on this journey together, may this blog space become a source of inspiration, compassion and connection cultivating an atmosphere where the light of taqwa shines brightly and where our souls are nourished. For this, we can only ask from Allah.


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