1445: An intentional beginning

Having grown up in the West under the solar calendar, the Islamic New year (al-Hijri) isn't often a time of reflection and gratitude. We all become aware of Muharram, and whenever someone says Muharram, we start singing that one Zain Bhikha song we know and we plan to do the Ashura fasts if we're able to. But I know for a fact I don't necessary sit and reflect on the year gone because my brain is wired to think in the Gregorian calendar system we follow in the UK and so for me, it's only half way through the year therefore not really forcing me to reflect.


But perhaps for us Muslims, who are based in countries like myself, the start of al-Hijri, can represent an important time of reflection and gratitude. Sure, we won't quite get the 'new year, new me' feeling, but it allows us to think of our spiritual selves for the year ahead - how we plan to spend the Ramadan coming up?; do we intend for Hajj this coming year; how can we make the best of the other months in the Islamic calendar; how can we spend the following months ahead of us intentionally?'

I was sat this morning thinking how I should do more of the above. I started noting what my intentions were and then proceeded to make it into a little graphic, as shown below.

I hope you find it useful, let me know what your intentions are...



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